Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use Simple Donations?

In short, to save time and money. Egg Donation can be an expensive process. Simple Donations believes that everyone should be able to experience the joy of raising a child. We want to help as many people as possible by keeping our fees low so that being able to have a child isn’t just about finances. We’ll also save you time by handling all the details of the Egg Donation process so you can relax and concentrate on the arrival of your child(ren).

When do I pay Simple Donations? When do I pay the Egg Donor?

Simple Donations collects its fee in two portions. The first fee, to initiate the screening and verify the availability of your donor, is paid up front when we enter into a contract with the Intended Parents. The second portion is paid to Simple Donations after the donor has passed all screenings and the clinic tells us that they are ready for us to begin the legal contracts.

After you have been matched with your Egg Donor, and initial agency fees are paid, we will have you open an escrow account to pay for screening of your donor at your clinic. This escrow account will compensate the donor for travel or mileage, if necessary. Once the Donor has passed screening, the attorneys who draft and review the Egg Donor contract will be paid as well from this escrow account. Once the cycle starts, your Donor will also receive her compensation from this account. The Intended Parent is sent monthly statements from the account detailing all activity.

How will the Egg Donor be compensated for the retrevial?

Simple Donations will open an escrow account on behalf of the Egg Donor, and payment will begin in accordance with the contract. That usually entails a start of injections fee, travel or mileage costs and the remainder paid upon retrieval. We will manage this account accordingly, and give you monthly statements of its activity.

How do I become an Egg Donor?

We’d like to thank you for your generosity in wanting to be an Egg Donor. It takes an extraordinary and caring woman to consider giving such an enormous gift.

First please fill out our donor application at

Once we receive your completed application, we will review it to be sure you are suitable to be an egg donor. We will notify you once we have accepted you into our program. Please check your email so that you can be sure you are receiving our emails so we can notify you once you have been chosen!

How do I get started with retaining Simple Donations?

Most Intended Parents begin by registering to browse our database of Egg Donors.  Once you like a donor, you can select her and several backup choices and submit them right on our database. Once we receive your submission, we will contact you by email. You may wish at that time to have a consultation with our director of services. To initiate a consultation,  call us on our toll-free number, or email us. You can also fill out our request for information form on our contact page. We will contact you and discuss your needs, and answer any other questions you may have. We can’t wait to help you!

How much interaction do the Egg Donor and Intended Parents have?

Most Egg Donors are completely anonymous and have no direct contact with our Intended Parents. If you have chosen a donor who is open to a semi-open or open donation, then Simple Donations will help you to negotiate what level of contact both you and the Donor are comfortable with.

What happens if my Egg Donor changes her mind?

Unfortunately, there are situations where an Egg Donor changes her mind before contracts are signed (although due to our intense screening process we have reduced the chances of this occurring.) If this happens to you, Simple Donations will re-match you immediately with another donor from our database at no additional charge, provided all other terms in our retainer agreement were adhered to.

If we need to do a second retrieval or want to do a sibling project, will our selected Donor still be available?

If you need to do a second retrieval, or you anticipate a sibling project in the future, please inform us as soon as possible in the process so we can insure that you match with a Donor who will be available in the future. Most donors have a limit on the number of cycles they want to do or can do, and also most clinics limit the number of retrievals a Donor can have. Most retrievals do result in enough embryos so that Intended Parents will have enough available for future use.

What are prospective parents looking for in an egg donor?

More often than not, the prospective mother or father will seek someone physically and intellectually similar to herself/himself or a family member. Hair color, eye color, height, level of education, interests all facilitated through the information provided in your online profile and photos posted. Through our program, you are chosen by, not assigned to a couple.

What happens after I am chosen?

After being chosen by a couple, there are generally three steps a donor takes prior to initiating the cycle: a medical evaluation at the clinic, a legal consultation with an attorney and a psychological evaluation and/or MMPI. All of these are at no cost to the donor and will be arranged by Simple Donations. It is important to be totally honest about your medical conditional and especially your weight. If you are not truthful, we will discover at screening, and you will not be compensated for your travel or expenses to screening if you are found to have been dishonest. If your weight is more than 15 lbs off of your profile weight, you will be denied and no expenses will be reimbursed.

Will it cost me anything to donate eggs?

There are no out-of-pocket fees for participating in our egg donor program. Any travel expenses are paid for by the prospective parents through our program and arranged by Simple Donations prior to travel.

What is my compensation?

Compensation for egg donation ranges between $5,500-$10,000 based on experience and education.

What is the ideal age for egg donation?

Statistically, women in their mid-20s are considered ideal candidates for egg donation. Simple Donations accepts donor candidates who are between 21 and 30 years old. Dependent on experience, we may consider an applicant over 30 years old if their last donation was completed in the last 6 months, and yielded an average amount of good quality eggs.

Who will receive my eggs?

Our service is used to help prospective parents struggling with infertility who are in need of egg donation or by an Intended Father couple or single Intended Father who need an egg donor to achieve parenthood. In many cases they have spent thousands of dollars trying to conceive and are now faced with two primary options: egg donation or adoption. Through the donation of your healthy eggs, the prospective parent will likely be able to fulfill their dreams of achieving pregnancy and/or carrying a child of their own.

Who will be viewing my online profile?

Our website is secure, encrypted and password protected and only qualified individuals working with Simple Donations are allowed access.

How many clinic visits are required?

You need to be available for approximately eight monitoring appointments. At these appointments, blood may be drawn and transvaginal ultrasounds may be performed in order to monitor the response of the medications. These appointments are mandatory and cannot be missed. If your retrieval clinic is far away, we will have your monitoring done near where you live. Once it is time for retrieval, you will travel to the clinic and need to stay for between 4-10 days.

What are the risks and side effects?

The infertility physician will explain specific side effects related to the medications you will be administering. These may include:

Will I run out of eggs if I give them to someone else?

No. Few women are aware that each month many eggs are dissolved and absorbed by their own bodies prior to the selection of the single egg that will be ovulated. Fertility medications preserve a portion of these excess eggs, which the body would have ordinarily discarded. Therefore, no additional eggs are used up in the process.

I just had a baby, can I still donate?

Yes, provided you are no longer breast feeding.

How long is the entire process?

Once you have been chosen as a donor, the legal and medical is most often completed within 2-3 months.

What happens during the retrieval?

It is only a 20- to 30-minute procedure, during which time you will feel no discomfort. You will be given a sedative, which will put you in a semi-conscious state, and you will be given a vaginal anesthetic. The eggs are retrieved vaginally through an ultra-sound guided needle.

How often can I donate?

Simple Donations follows ASRM industry guidelines, which state a maximum of six cycles per donor in a lifetime. Most clinics will require at least one normal menstrual cycle between donation cycles.

What will my Donor Compensation be?

First time donors get $7,000 as base compensation, plus all expenses like travel, lost wages, meals, childcare, mileage.

Experienced donors set their own compensation, which normally is $8,000 for a repeat donor, and up depending on the number of successful donations.

Will I be reimbursed Expenses for being a donor?

Yes, all of your expenses are covered, lost wages, travel expenses, meal allowance, mileage, childcare. In addition, a companion’s travel expenses are covered to your travel and retrieval day.

What is the best age to donate my eggs?

Most Reproductive doctors agree the best age is 20-30. We accept donors as young as 19 as long as they are responsible.

How long does Egg Donation take?

The actual stimulation process takes less than a month from when you begin medication to retrieval. You will have monitoring appointments at a clinic near your home or work, usually first thing in the morning. You must make those visits as that is how we tell when you are ready for the egg retrieval. The egg retrieval will take less than an hour, and is not painful. You are given a sedative and vaginal anesthetic to ensure there is no discomfort. You will take the day at least off from work, and if you traveled on a plane to the clinic, you will wait 48 hours following retrieval to fly home. Then your compensation for the wonderful gift you have given will arrive!

Will donating my eggs stop me from having my own children someday?

No! Kristen Hanson, our co-owner, was an egg donor three times and later went on to easily have children of her own. It’s not possible to “run out” of eggs! Each month your body dissolves the unused eggs and absorbs them or discards them. During a fertility cycle, those eggs are retrieved after medications grow them then mature them. ASRM does recommend no greater than 6 donations for on person in a lifetime.

Do you offer Financing?

While we do not personally offer financing or payment plans, we recommend CapexMD fertility financing. Their web site can be linked to at:

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