Service and Fees


Egg Donation Program The Reservation fee is due when you choose a Donor and she confirms her willingness to donate. It is paid prior to additional information requests being made of your donor, prior to any contact with your Donor (meetings, phone or skype calls, at your request and Donor’s consent) and prior to medical records being obtained on your Donor or to information being sent to your clinic.The Retainer Fee, paid in 2 installments, includes matching Intended Parents with an Egg Donor, psychologically and medically screening said donor, screening donor with MMPI test by request (at IP’s expense for screening, psychological review and MMPI), arranging for the drafting and review of the donor contract, coordinating and booking all travel arrangements, and managing the escrow account. We can also coordinate payments for monitoring clinics from your escrow account, and arrange contact between you and your donor, if requested and consented to by Donor.There are no hidden fees, all services necessary for your Egg Donation are included. $5,750
Total Agency Fee
Reservation Fee – due at donor reservation if you are requesting additional records. This is an optional fee.
Retainer Fee – due before screening
Second Retainer Fee – due when donor clears her screening, before legal contracts.
Current Simple Surrogacy clients get a $1,000 discount off of the second fee.
International Egg Donation Program Fee Intended Parent(s) residing outside of the United States will be charged an International Program Fee. Cost is in addition to our regular program fee, and is paid with initial retainer. $1,250 in addition to other fees above

Why should you choose Simple Donations?

Simple Donations is a full service Egg Donor agency. We do not have any hidden charges or tack on additional fees. You will only pay the full fee once your donor has passed screening and is ready to cycle for you!

No Application Fee – Simple Donations does not charge any application fee. Phone consultations are free, and you can browse our database for no charge and with no obligation. In order to provide the highest level of service to retained clients, our services before you become a client are limited. Once you have browsed our database and identified donors who meet your requirements, please select to make your choices final. At that time, our staff will email you to welcome you and inform you of the next steps. We will contact your donor choices to verify their availability to donate. Unfortunately, we cannot do more than verify their ability to donate before you sign our retainer agreements. If you will require additional information or services by our staff above our extensive profile before selecting your donor, we can work with you to negotiate a fair compensation for the additional services. Please inquire if you know that you require additional services above checking on a donor’s availability, such as a skype call, meeting, or additional donation or medical information.  Once your donor has agreed to donate for you, and you are ready to move on to having her screened at your clinic, we will then request that you sign our retainer, submit to a background check, and pay our initial retainer fee. The bulk of our agency fee is not due until your donor passes screening at your clinic and is preparing for a cycle.

No Fund management Fee – We manage the payments to your donor and coordinate her expenses responsibly for no additional fee. Funds are insured against loss.

No Travel Coordination Fee – We will coordinate your Donor’s travel to the clinic, and oversee her monitoring appointments included in our fee.

We never take 10% of the Egg Donors’ Compensation – Simple Donations donors receive their full donor fee. We believe that taking 10% of the donor’s compensation only leads to donors requesting higher donor fees! We do not tie our agency fee to our donor’s compensation.



Legal Fees
We have negotiated preferential rates with a law firm to offer you the best possible contract price. These fees are separate from the agency fee but can be paid from your fund management account if you request. Your review of the contract with an attorney is not required, but if you desire, we can arrange for you to review with an attorney for an additional fee. $850
for draft and donor’s review
$350/hr for your review, if needed
(not required)
International Egg Donation Translation fee
All program documents and contracts are provided and reviewed in English only. For an additional fee we can have the documents and contracts translated, and can provide an interpreter for your legal review. Any language available. Estimate by Request


Egg Donor Compensation Experienced donors or in-demand donors can command much higher fees. Please check the Donor Considerations page on your donor’s profile for her requested compensation as all compensation can vary, even for first time donors. We are happy to verify requested compensation on your donor before you decide on selecting her. $7,000 and up       $7,500 and up for experienced donors
Egg Donor Contract fee Includes contract drafting and review for Donor only, with our associate attorney. IP review $300 additional cost, if requested. $850
Intended Parent review fee Intended Parent’s review of Egg Donor contract with an associate attorney. $350
 Medication Covers the Medication costs for the donor. Estimate Only. $3,000- $6,000
Psychological Assessment Fee $400 for the Egg Donor and $400 for the Intended Parents

MMPI requests by Parents or Clinic, add $500

$800- $1300
 Cycle Insurance Covers the Egg Donor for medical risks of the cycle. REQUIRED $395


Cancelled Cycle Fee Egg Donors get $750 to start medications, and would keep this fee even if the cycle is cancelled.  $750
Mileage Paid to the donor for long distance retrievals $.545/mile
or current IRS rate
Lost Wages or childcare Paid to the donor for days off for the retrieval procedure, or if she needed childare for the retrevial day. Lost Wages OR Childcare paid.  Verified with paystub
Travel Expenses Actual costs of Hotel, Airfare, meal allowance ($50/day, $25 for companion) and transportation for the retrieval, and screening, including a companion, if travel is required. Companions are required by the clinics for the retrieval. Companion’s travel expenses will be paid, but no lost wages or childcare for the companion is paid. Donors may have additional expenses requested such as dog boarding for long distance travel.  TBD


Total minimum estimated costs for a donor cycle, including Agency Fee, Egg Donor’s Compensation and all legal fees.  $19,000 and up
This estimate does not include variable fees, such as additional Psychological screening (MMPI), medication for donor, the cost of the IVF cycle or traveling expenses for the donor. Some donors may also request dog boarding, childcare, or variable compensation.
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